Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday, Right?

Look! I have been weaving a little bit. This is a little change purse I wove on the inkle loom. I love it. Also, today is Tuesday, so...

We all see that along with the price of gas, the price of our food is increasing, and for most, those costs are going up faster than our income. So, let's follow along with Carole and talk about ways to save at the grocery store.

1. Make a shopping list. Hey, we are making a Ten on Tuesday list; we can do one for groceries, too.

2. Check the pantry. You might be buying duplicates you do not need.

3. Do not shop while hungry or in a state of craving. You will come home with some really tasty grub, but the price is high in so many ways.

4. Shop at a less-fancy store. Some grocery stores are nicer shopping experiences than others are, and only you can decide if it is worth paying more for it.

5. Check the price per unit. Sometimes the bigger package just costs more.

6. Coupons! Not only do you have those in the paper and through the mail, but also printables from online, and electronic ones you load to a shopping card or that go on a fancy mobile phone.

7. Price matching. You might be able to shop wherever you like if your favorite store matches prices from sales ads.

8. Sales. Check that colorful flyer for savings. Often the manufacturers offer coupons that you can pair with a special price for even more savings. You might notice a pattern about the same items going on special. Stock up when there is the good price and wait if you can between times.

9. Generic/store brand. You might need to experiment a little, but sometimes the difference is not noticeable, but the price sure can be. Still, you need to watch for times when you need to use twice as much of the less expensive brand, but only save one-third, or for times when a sale and coupon pairing beats the generic.

10. Be realistic. Know what you will prepare, and prepare what you purchase. If you will not use it, you did not save any money, no matter how good the deal was, or what your intentions were.
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