Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I Love the Sounds of Random on a Wednesday

Like dried peas in a goose windpipe within a ball of yarn (see Folk Mittens for details), so are the Randoms of Our Wednesdays.

I remember Cookie got the idea from someone else to show off a purchase of the week. When we were out-of-town over the weekend, I found this on clearance and felt compelled to buy it. Yes, it is Bacon Floss. The package states that it effectively removes plaque and leaves breath bacon fresh. For some reason, I feel that I ought to use a picture of this product as my Ravatar.

There is a certain amount of spinach one ought not exceed consuming within a short period of time. I do not know the exact amount, but it is something less than what I have eaten lately. Also, purchasing spinach from Costco is probably better suited to larger households.

I occasionally feel great anxiety over Facebook, and thus resisted signing up for an account. It is all rather odd and difficult to describe. I have worked my way through most of the issues that held me back, and decided to let it be to keep from the time-suck aspect. On the other hand, that Farmville sounds fun, so last week I registered under the pseudonym, Insaknitty Gumbo. It is the name I think I should have chosen for my blog, but I did not think of it then. Anyway, it would seem that Farmville requires neighbors, and that does not thrill me, so I decided to see how much I would like playing on my own. I was about over it when I got a friend request from someone I do not know. She is a knitter. I do not know what prompted her to FBfriend me, but she did, and I accepted. Well, I was about to be done with it when I received a friend request from someone I actually know and with whom I want to stay in contact. My experiences confirm that it is all a bit creepy and I am not sure what I will do. I could sign up with my actual name and play FB for real, I could dump it all and walk away, or I could just keep going on as Insaknitty Gumbo.

We are gardening again, and Bruce feels a bit more hopeful about it this year. There is so much we would like to grow, space and conditions do not allow for all of it, but we are trying. Also, at some
point, we could cross the line where we have made more work for ourselves than we can handle, and that balance can be difficult to find. I have been putting out marigolds, and usually one of two songs run through my head when I do though I doubt anyone will be able to guess. After all, no one figured out that knitting Ice Queen made "Rocket Queen" by Guns 'n' Roses or "50ft Queenie" by PJ Harvey go wild in my brain, though there were some good guesses. Anyway, as for the marigold songs, for one I mentally replace the correct word with "marigold," thus making it something of a parody, I suppose. As for the other, it is not an upbeat, encouraging song. Perhaps if you know these answers, Bitterroot belongs to you, as she has been telling me that she is probably not mine, but is unsure whose she is.
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