Thursday, April 01, 2010

In Pattern Name Only

Taking Opal's suggestion, I am knitting Bitterroot with my alpaca yarn. I calculated yardage two more times to be sure before I began. It actually took me a few days to get started, but am already nearly finished with the second chart. At this point, it really does not look too lovely, but I stretched out a section to get a bit of a blocking preview, and I think this might be a winner. Even if it is not, fear of the frog is not here. I am glad to have this lace on the needles now. It is nice, simple, and almost mindless. I can keep knitting along without paying much attention at all.


I consulted Dr. Google for a bit of information, as it would seem that nearly everything I have learned about comas from soap operas, movies, and other television programming is wildly inaccurate. Who knew? Anyway, I gained a better understanding of some things, but the brain is still something of a mystery, and we are all trying to not get ahead of ourselves.
Katie is still comatose, but she does open her eyes sometimes. We like to think that she is looking at us and seeing us. The type of brain injury she sustained is serious; however, the degree of injury is not yet known. Passing the 72-hour mark was an important milestone, and they will re-assess again next week, around 10-14 days past the accident. Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts and prayers for Katie and the rest of our family. If you want to follow her progress, my brother is posting updates here.
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