Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Aunt Sarah is Tired

Children certainly can eat a lot of Cheerios, mac and cheese, chicken, and sandwiches. However, this is nothing compared to the way they devour time. What was meant to be one overnight and day with one child turned into three. Halfway through day two, we added another kiddo to the mix. It went pretty well, but I may never get the music from Mario Kart to leave my brain.

While this left little time for knitting, I have managed to get a little bit done. Twice I became caught up in the rhythm of my knitting and had to rip back a few inches each time. I could be close to done with the second front of my GVC if not for these setbacks, but I do not care. This is such an enjoyable knit, that the only thing on my mind is fit. Some of my clothes feel a bit tighter than they used to be, and I know they did not shrink o.O Anyway, at least now I am feeling more confident that I will have enough yarn to knit the sweater.

Things are going so well, that I feel like knitting socks. This is good, as it is time to draw another bag from the psc collection. No, we will not mention how woefully behind I am on this (or everything else). I have also begun a long term knitting odyssey that will either be one of the best ideas I have had this year, or never mentioned again. Either way, I may not know the answer for a few months.
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