Friday, May 22, 2009


Where did this week go? Perhaps part of it was eaten by those new allergy meds I recently started taking. I do know what stole some of it, and it is not worth mentioning. Still, I have kept busy amongst it all.

The current pair of socks is so close to finishing, and I do not want it to end. I have enjoyed the knitting, and they have been perfect companions for the stop-and-go pace of this week. While I am looking forward to starting the next pair, and hope it is as compatible as this pair has been.

While I have not spun as much as I like, I have been in a fiber-y mode. I played with some leftover fluffy bits and some angelina. As soon as I had spun up the singles, I Navajo-plied them to end up with this itty-bitty skein. I can see making some yarn with a wee bit of the shiny, and then turning that yarn into a lovely lace piece. However, that is not likely to be my next spinning adventure.

Ene4MKI finished this lace at the beginning of the month, but just now got around to the blocking. This is Ene's Scarf from Scarf Style. I knit it with Misti Alpaca Lace. This is a graduation present for a great-niece. It is larger than I had expected. In fact, I do believe that at nearly six feet across and nearly four feet deep, it moves from scarf to shawl classification. I like the pattern, enjoyed knitting it, and might knit it again one day. Next time, I will cast on with larger needles, as this area was a bit tighter than I would prefer.

We still have not made decisions about our weekend plans. Since we grilled on Thursday, it felt as if the weekend has already begun. Personally, I am hoping for quiet relaxation, and the kind of weather the garden needs. Whatever happens, I will bring knitting.
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