Monday, March 09, 2009

That Explains It?

My energy levels have been a bit on the low side. In fact, yesterday, I fell asleep on my mom's couch amidst the noise of an energetic preschooler. My ear had been bothering me for about a week, so when I was in for a check up, I mentioned it to the doctor. "Ooh, that is very red; that looks very bad," were the doctor's comments after examination. I hope that explains everything, and that I will be back on my game soon.

When I am not slumped over or passed out, I am knitting. The March socks are coming along nicely. The Shetland Tea Shawl is a quite warm. That was wonderful when it snowed. Since it is over 80 degrees in the house right now, I am finding it less enjoyable to knit. I will want to make the most of the time I feel like knitting it so that I may finish soon. I am done with the body, and am ready to begin the edging. It is already so pretty, and I can only imagine how much nicer it will be after blocking.

I have also been easing my way into a more structured exercise program, and it has helped my back. I have been using the inversion table more, and have worked back to full inversion. It is uncomfortable around the heel and instep, but I am hanging in there. Oh, yes, I am hilarious. I wish I knew if the gravity boots/conversion bar kit would help. It would be a pricey investment, but one I would make in a heartbeat if I knew it would help.
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