Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thrilling Thursday

I went to out to knit with the NAKG Tuesday afternoon. However, I was the only one there. I did not mind. I got in some nice knitting. I'm sure it was more than I would have done if I had been knitting with friends. Also, I probably would have spent more time talking, and not have made my way to these three books. I do enjoy the promise of new books.

I have been working on some mysteries around our home. The first was missing underpants. It is not completely resolved, but we have made our way away from being in a state of emergency. The second was a mystery aroma in the kitchen. It was not far from becoming unpleasant, so I gave this one serious effort, and it is taken care of. I know, you are seriously jealous of my exciting life.

Speaking of mysteries, beneath my new books, you can see two new shirts. They were on clearance, and I thought this was my only motivation to purchase them. I later uncovered another reason why I was drawn to them. Do you know what it is?
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