Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Feeling Special

Today started early with the arrival of wonderful children. We had a good time together, and their mom was back from her doctor's appointment before we knew it. I feel special and honored to know the brand of the baby in process. It is exciting, but I will not spill the beans. I was glad to be able to be a help to a friend. She is so very thoughtful that she gave me some yarn as a Thank You. She did not need to do that. Of course, I could not turn it down, because that would be rude and crazy. I now have this lovely pile of tweedy goodness, mohair magic, and quite a mound of Manos. I already have several ideas of what it might become. This is a good sign, as the other day I had to leave the Skanky Knitters early, and could barely pick up the needles.

When I had trouble knitting, but was able to get off the floor and move toward the fiber pile, I spun. I am trying out some Corriedale. I like it, but I like the BFL better. My husband thinks Blue Faced Leicester sounds like some sort of insult. He is funny. I hope that at least some of his birthday presents arrive on time. I know that some will arrive late, perhaps very late. I guess that will make the celebrations last longer.
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