Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Not long after I began knitting, I found the Yahoo! Group, northalabamaknitters. Intensely nervous, I found my way to one of their meetings in a conference room of a local city hall. I was warmly accepted into the group and have enjoyed knitting with them ever since. There have been a couple of changes in the meeting locations. People have come and gone. One lady who no longer attends informed us of another group organizing to knit together through Meetup. It was a bit shaky for a while there. Then the service changed and began charging fees. We moved on over to Yahoo! and became part of NAKG. We had also changed meeting times from the third Thursday to every Monday. Not many people attend both the regular NAKG meetings of the second Tuesday afternoon and fourth Friday evening at Books-A-Million and the Monday night meetings at Barnes & Noble. I attend both whenever I can. Still, we found many times when we had email messages we wanted to pass amongst the Monday night people that had little or no relevance to the regular NAKG list. One evening, I checked my email and saw the subject line of a message welcoming me to the Skanky Knit list. I thought it might be spammers and nearly did not open it. One of the Monday Night Knitters had set up a separate mailing list for us. Skanky Knit was born. I do not know if we’re truly any wilder or weirder than other knitting groups. We jokingly refer to ourselves as The Skanky Knitters. It is funny. Still, there are times when it is not easy to call them Skanks, even in jest. The group, as a whole, is special, and each individual is very dear to me. They are more important to me than they might know. I missed three knit-togethers with the Skanks last week. It was a very difficult week. It meant so much to me to receive the warm greetings and to hear that I had been missed. Truly, it was a medicine. As if that were not enough, Christina had brought me a copy of Wendy Knits. She is so sweet. She is a great wife, mom, knitter, and friend. I like to read her blog. I don’t tell anyone I know about my blog. I’m pretty sure Christina knows about it, but senses my insecurities and never mentions it. Not only did I leave Monday night with a new book, but also two skeins of Soy Silk. Elisabeth needed some dark sock yarn and I had a couple of skeins of Knitpicks Essentials in Pine. I gave them to her, and I hope they work out well for her. She asked what I wanted in return. I said that it wasn’t necessary. However, she promised to bring me some yarn. This soft, lovely yarn is what she gave me. I am blessed.
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