Monday, December 05, 2005

Productive Needles

Oh, how I am knitting along so well these days. My mind is beginning to wrap itself around more holiday knitting, and not even getting stressed about the idea. I'm about to begin the luskofte portion of the second Norwegian Stars hat. I've looked at the new Knitty, and I think I want to knit Bristow & Festive. Whoa! I just noticed that they are both knit in red. I don't know that I'd do them in red, I'm just seeing the pattern, so to speak.

I'm probably going to miss my Monday night knitting group because it is Mom's birthday today and we are partying with her tonight. I've knit her a cabled headband as a little giftie. I hope I chose the correct size. If not, I'll knit it again for her. It was a joy to knit (mostly because I knew it was for Mom), and done completely without the cable needle. Mom has not much asked for knitted items, but I think this one should be a hit. She doesn't like hats (mess up hair), but her ears are sensitive to the cold and wind. This seems like it should be a match.

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